Is Retirement an Enigma?


March 12, 2014 by Tom Potter

Retirement Enigma

In many ways it is.

Retirement is a myriad of individual perceptions as to what it means to them and them alone.  For instance:

    • When does it begin?
    • What am I going to do without a formal working environment?
    • Where will I go or do I remain where I currently live?
    • Do I need to continue working?
    • What will my future needs be?
    • Will I have to change my standard of living?
    • Am I willing to modify my values or lifestyle?
    • Most of all, how am I going to fund my retirement

Retirement is a topic that is being analyzed, written about, and discussed more than any other.  It is on the lips of financial advisors, tips of the pens of financial reporters, and radar screens of financial service companies.

Everyone is a candidate.  It requires looking into the future, however murky, and doing a great deal of planning and making assumptions that can be changed as time nullifies some of them and re-adapting to the situation at hand.  This should take place sooner rather than later.

Granted it will be easier for some, not quite so easy for others, and not an issue for people with unlimited means.

As you can see it is a matter of intangibles philosophy, psychology, and personal values

I have been short of specifics but this is the starting point of a discussion with yourself, as you start down this road toward retirement

As an independent life insurance agent it is my job to be aware of ways I can serve people to fulfill this endeavor.  In most cases there is great hope and a number of options available.  I have resources at my disposal to help you accomplish your objectives.

Contact me for more information on your retirement issues to see what I might be able to do for you.  480 221-4206


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