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September 18, 2014 by Tom Potter

Good News at last – Maybe

According to Fidelity Investments, retirement plan accounts, 401(k)’s and IRA’s are at all time highs due to the current state of the stock market.

Congratulations everyone.  I hope your retirement plans have recovered their pre-recession values and more.

But wait a minute, isn’t the purpose of investing, steady growth?

Continually having to wait to recover lost values, as well as growth, is not reliable enough so you can formulate retirement plans.  Unless you have the skills and opportunity to manage and monitor the investments that make up your portfolio, a new strategy is needed.

Casino Mode

Some or all of the gains in your retirement plans, from stock market volatility, are only:

  • A headache away by Greece
  • More missiles downing civilian aircraftfalling-over-stocks-block-10067125
  • Whatever else out of your control happens

to destabilize the stock markets creating the next downward correction that will vaporize those hard earned gains.

  • How many stock market down turns can you weather?
  • How much more time do you have before for you find out that your retirement nest-egg is at a point where its recovery, for you, is not possible?
  • How will that feel for all of the number of years of diligent saving you have done to find out you are just back where you started or even have less?

Even in the casino a lot of people pull off the gravy or a lot of it and then go on gaming.

Do this for your retirement plans and this will leave you with “safe money” and give you stable and tax deferred growth.

No one except you is looking out for your retirement plan and its growth.  It is up to you to take charge of your financial health.

Do something while the sun is still shining you will not regret it.  Retirement is not the only reason to put money away.

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