Final Expense Explained


July 21, 2016 by Tom Potter

Final Expenses Go Beyond the Costs of Burying a Loved One


What is “Final Expense”?

Other financial matters that might need to be taken care of include:

• Final taxes on the earnings of the decedent
• Medical expenses incurred prior to their death
• Continuing income for the survivors to meet everyday expenses during this   period of transition

o Mortgage payments or rent
o Food, clothing etc.
o Car payments

Do you want to liquidate assets below market prices because of an unexpected crisis of this proportion?

Preparedness is the key. Know what your spouse or “significant other” needs in order to carry on then take the steps to have something in place. Life insurance is the buffer for this kind of event.

I have information that can help reduce your costs. Funeral businesses are regulated by the U.S. Government as to what they need to tell you about your choices and what services may be eliminated, thereby reducing the costs of a funeral or cremation.


I was at a local supermarket, posted to a cash register was a note asking people to donate for an employee’s funeral expenses.

Is this how you want to handle a crisis like this?

Veterans who think the government will take care of their burial expenses need to have the government spell out their entitlements. I can help you find those sources.

“Act now, save now, and enjoy forever.”


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